Interested in Serving
Interested in Serving
One of the best ways to Get Connected at First Baptist Plant City is to Serve. Let us know where you want to serve.
Welcoming Teams
First Choice for Welcoming Teams:
Second Choice for Welcoming Teams:
Third Choice for Welcoming Teams:
First Kids
First Choice for First Kids:
Second Choice for First Kids:
Third Choice for First Kids:
First Students
First Choice for First Students:
Student Choice for First Students:
Third Choice for First Students:
College and Young Adults
First Choice for College and Young Adult:
Second Choice for College and Young Adult:
Third Choice for College and Young Adult:
Spanish Ministry
Choose for Spanish Ministry
Median Adults
First Choice for Median Adult:
Second Choice for Median Adult:
Third Choice for Median Adult:
Senior Adult Ministry
First Choice for Senior Adult Ministry:
Second Choice for Senior Adult Ministry:
Women or Men's Ministry
Choose if you would like to serve in one of these ministries:
First Choice for Missions:
Second Choice for Missions:
Third Choice for Missions:
Creative Ministries
First Choice for Creative Ministries:
Second Choice for Creative Ministries
Third Choice for Creative Ministries
Miscellaneous Ministries
First Choice for Miscellaneous Ministries:
Second Choice for Miscellaneous Ministries:
Third Choice for Miscellaneous Ministries:
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Any additional information you'd like us to know? Spiritual Gifts, talents, hobbies, etc.
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