Information Sheet for Infants and Ones
Information Sheet for Infants and Ones
Feeding Times of feeding are:  * 
Amount of feeding:  * 
Formula or breast milk Refrigeration required? Yes/No  * 
Bottle instructions:  * 
Daily Nap Times and Lengths:  * 
Allergies:  * 
How my child can be soothed:  * 
List Health concerns:  * 
Pregnancy and Delivery Information: (normal or complications-please explain)  * 
Diapering: (Size, Type, Type of diaper cream used)  * 
List any Developmental concerns:  * 
List important Information for the teachers:  * 
Does your child take a pacifier?  * 
All sheets and blankets will be washed daily if needed. We will use Dreft or store brand baby laundry wash. If your child can not use this type please bring in the appropriate bottle of wash.Please select Yes or No if we can wash your child's things at school  * 
Your Email Address  * 
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